Wednesday, January 30, 2019

How to change old smartphones in security cameras or media players

How to change old smartphones in security cameras or media players
Tips for old smartphone uses

After the use of the smartphone, the performance of the smartphone starts to be affected or due to the fact that the features are outdated, it does not work much because we either reduce their usage or try to sell it, most users understand this. Not to know how to use the old smartphone better, but if you want to make new uses of such devices then you have a lot of options Are.

1. old smartphones -Wireless Controller for PC

Wireless Controller for PC
Wireless Controller for PC

If you do not want to use your keyboard and mouse after connecting your PC to the projector, install an app called Unified Remote in your old smartphone. Now using WiFi Bluetooth now it will pair your phone with your laptop. In this way you can use Volume Adjust or Touchscreen as a Trekpad via 1 Handy Remote.

2. old smartphones-Portable hotspot

Portable hotspot
Portable Hotspot
Nowadays, by decreasing the data price of cellular fones, you can add SIM cards to those old smartphones and use it on any other smartphone via WiFi hotspot when it is at home, then plug it out like a router and when it goes out, plug it out Should do it

3.old smartphones-Navigation GPS in the car

Navigation GPS in the car
gps navigation
For those who drive more in the car, the old smartphone Navigation can work as a GPS, for charging the device in the car must be USB port and phone mount. Now downloading the offline version of the map on Google Maps, your old Smartphone can be used like GPS

4.old smartphones in security cameras or Dadicated media player

Dadicated media player
media player for pc

Making old smartphones a dedicated media player can save not only space but the overall battery on the current device, for older devices like Google Play Music and Amazon Prime Video and other streaming Load with service

5.old smartphones-Sandstone device for video conferencing

Standalone device for video conferencing
video conferencing

If you work through a video conference on Skype, then the old smartphone can use a standalone device without having to set a phone in it by placing the tripod on a desk and then connecting it with a good Bluetooth speaker. Use for conferencing: Lights can be adjusted to make videos sharply sharp and brighter.

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