Thursday, February 21, 2019

Check this if you are thinking about buying a laptop ?

Are you thinking about buying a laptop ?  Check this before buying a laptop.If you are buying a laptop then it is important to take care of some things -

Are you thinking about buying a laptop ? Check this before buying a laptop| #online help hub

1. Webcam Placement

To save space, webcams are going to start webcams at the bottom of the keyboard or screen, check their placements.

2. Proprietary charging port

These days laptops are coming with USB type-C multipurpose charging ports. Laptop will be the old proprietary port, then a cable must be kept more

3. Thunderbolt 3 port

Check for faster bandwidth that there is a Thunderbolt 3 port.

4. SSD or HDD storage

SSD is the type of flash storage and gives quick app launch time

5. Type of RAM

DDR4 instead of DDR3, select 4 ray because lower power gets higher transfer rate.

6. Discrete or Integrated Graphics

If you are a gamer or you edit the video then choose Discrete Graphics.

7. Is this fanless?

Fans are being removed to make thin laptops. In normal condition, it would be better to choose a laptop with a fan.

8. Prescription or Syntax driver

If you are taking a laptop with Windows 10 then take a Windows PRESIDENT driver.

9. Backlit keyboard

If you have to work in low light then choose a laptop with a backlit keyboard.

10. CPU Generation and Type

You can choose any CPU generation from i3, i5 or i7, depending on your need.

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