Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Who touched your phone ? Keep safe your phone | #onlinehelphub

Who touched your phone- If you keep your phone anywhere in the office or in a public place and are afraid that someone who does not touched and steal your personal information from your phone, then you can take help of some apps. These apps show you, the face of the person who has touch and tried to access your phone without your consent, know about some such app-
Who touched your phone ? Keep safe your phone| #onlinehelphub

1. Who tried to unlock my phone

This app works on the principle that if a person tried to open your phone by inserting a wrong PIN, password or pattern lock, then the front camera of your phone is automatically opened, and it's the photo click of that person Does. it Also gives this notification and later you can know who tried to unlock your phone.

2. Third Eye

This app also shows you the face of people who put an incorrect PIN, password or pattern lock in your phone. Also gives you the information about when your phone was last time unlocked. It turns out that whether the unwanted person has succeeded in accessing your phone or not.

3. Lock watch: theif catcher

The specialty of this app is that if your phone is stolen then it is likely that with its help you can see the thief's face. When entering the wrong pin, pattern or password, it takes the picture from the front camera and sends it to your email id. That is, you can know which person your phone is currently stolen.

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