Friday, March 8, 2019

How to Enable samsung edge Lightning Features in Android Phones.

Enable samsung edge Lightning Features in Android Phones.

How to enable samsung edge lighting Features in Android Phones

Some Samsung Galaxy phones (especially those with dual-covered amoled screens) feature edge lightings. if you enable it, the side of the screen starts to shine in different colors and you get information about incoming calls and other notifications Gives the Galaxy Edge Lightning App this same feature, which works for free on Android devices, for all Android phones. If your phone has an OLED screen then Edge Lightning App works best. You have to allow the app to access notification and access to phone calls and text. Once it's done, you can change everything about Edge Lightning. You can change colors, corner shapes, speed, thickness, opacity, duration etc. Idea is that you can not find your phone without raising who is doing calls or text. There are some advertisements and limitations in the free version which can be removed from the Rs. 95 per in-app packet.

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