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Watch online and download Latest upcoming new Tamil movie sathru review on Tamil rockers

I am sure tamil rockers friends you want  to watch online and download Latest upcoming new Tamil movie sathru review on Tamil rockers. dear tamil rockers friends, Sathru is the story of a police hero who is stuck with a strong enemy.

Radius is an honest rap and duff police officer. He is an assistant inspector and is not even subject to top officials. This has twice been suspended twice in two years of work. Lukaran and his friends kidnap children and take money from their parents. They kidnap a child. Marking in his mind, he lifts a man in a louboutin. That is why the frenzied louboutin and team kills and his family to revenge. The story is the one who throws into the thief's police game.
Watch and download Latest upcoming new Tamil movie sathru review on Tamil rockers
sathru tamil movie watch online

There are so many police thief stories coming up in Tamil cinema, starting to save. But, without any compromise, the story is taken very nicely and exciting, and the director draws attention to the director Naveen Shantan.
From the first scene to the climax, the film moves excitingly. The audience's focus is on screen and the screenplay is made by the director. He has realistically demonstrated the conflict scenes of hero and villain. Compare the story of Murukan's Chunasamahara and appreciate the cleverness of the screenplay.

This is a crucial film in the cinematic carrier, after Periyar Perumal. So far, Chathu is taking up the lead role as the hero of the story. Because the film is not very commercial and enjoyable at the same time, this film will definitely take you to the chair of the Commercial Area.

Kaki Unibarm, the twisted body, and Rapan Klaus, as a police officer. Likes to knock out the thieves from the thieves to the superiors, not knowing who the enemy is. She has acted very hard in action scenes.

The center of the film is the villain role. Lakudaran has acted greatly as Yurta asks this guy. Ashalt is intimidating and doing terrible things without guilt. But in some scenes, the same sort of reaction may be avoided. Gyan and Nutriya, who come in the villain team with the lakuparan, have done great villains.
The creator of the crew is the heroine. Heroes usually have a chance to duet with the hero. But because the film lacks the songs, the creature has no chance. Even though it may take some time, he is fascinated by his eye-catching beauty.
Willie roll in this film for Suja Varun. He has done it as usual. Apart from these, Nilima, Ponnavannan, Marumuthu, Rishi and Bhavan are the other actors. Everyone has done their best.

Without trying anything new, Surya Prasad has composed the background for the scenes. Background music is very helpful for the film's thrillers.
Cinematographer Mahesh Muthusamy implores the first scene. His cinematography is the main reason to be seen as a film raga. The film does not seem to move in the editing of GK Prasanna. He has edited a suitable model for the script.

The director, who paid much attention to the script for the film to be excited, may have paid attention to the story as well. As the thief has come up with a lot of police stories, Sathru's story seems a bit old. Similarly, the speed in the first half, missing in the second half. The hero and the villain are simply too many murders, a little over dose.
Police - Sathru is standing alone in telling the story of the thief.
i hope dear tamil rockers friends you must watch sathru movie

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